Your Community Your Cash - Dingwall and Seaforth

“Your community Your Cash - Dingwall and Seaforth Decides” is a participatory budgeting process that lets communities decide how money is spent in their local area.

Participatory budgeting involves giving local people a role in delivering priorities in their area and in ensuring public money is well spent.

To apply for funding applicants must return a completed application form before 5pm on Friday 24 February 2017. If proposed ideas meet the criteria, the community who come together on the 11 March 2017 at the Leanaig Centre, Ben Wyvis Primary School, Conon Bridge will have the opportunity to decide where the funding is awarded.

Cllrs Angela Maclean and Margaret Paterson are encouraging applications from the public on behalf of Dingwall and Seaforth Ward Members.

Cllr MacLean said; “Local residents will get to decide what projects they think will benefit them.  I would encourage anyone who thinks they are eligible to get in touch, participatory budgeting is a way to ensure funding is distributed fairly and a great way to increase engagement and empower new groups.

Having a process like this is more than just a new way of distributing funding.  The real benefits are funding new and different projects and creating an opportunity for the community to come together”

Cllr Paterson added; “In Dingwall and Seaforth there are a number of very successful community and voluntary organisations already working to improve the area, and I would encourage them all to think about submitting an application 

“This is the first time we have tried anything like this in Dingwall and Seaforth, but I am sure the event will be a great chance for local groups to showcase the fantastic work they do and be an excellent opportunity for the public to meet new people and find out what is happening locally.”

Application forms can be downloaded from the Highland Council web site at or by contacting

For further information or any queries about the application please contact:

The deadline for application is Friday 24 February.

31 Jan 2017