Dalneigh strings project

Dalneigh Strings Project
Dalneigh Strings Project practising for Scottish Ensemble all-day residency.

Pupils from Dalneigh Primary, Inverness have been practicing for the Scottish Ensemble all-day residency (which will also include S1-3 from Inverness High School) taking place on Monday 20 March.

They are working on the piece they started with the Ensemble professionals earlier in the session, and will also be doing pop-up performances and percussion workshops throughout the school on the day.  The pupils will also have the opportunity to perform alongside the Scottish Ensemble musicians for the school, parents and friends.

Highland Council’s Music Instructor, Eleanor Cameron has worked with these pupils since the special strings project was set up in the school 4 years ago.  The pupils have benefited from individual and group lessons in addition to opportunities for development of group and ensemble playing. 

The Council’s Music Development Officer, Norman Bolton said: “The teaching staff and Headteacher at Dalneigh have been delighted over the time of this project to observe the difference in all aspects of the pupils learning helped by their strings lessons – not just their musical abilities.  Confidence, organisational skills and cooperation with others are just some of the many well-researched benefits of learning an instrument. 

"The collaboration with Scottish Ensemble started as a single visit from the professional group – but they were so impressed at the work being done with these pupils, that they requested a development of the project and have made a real commitment to the school.” 

The musicians will also return to the school in June when they are once again in Eden Court for their final concert of the season. 

25 Jan 2017
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