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Further Information


Information about a range of activitiy type is provided on the "Access in Scotland" section of this site.    Links to more general information, local and historical records are detailed below.

Never been to a place and want to see what it looks like? is a fascinating project that aims to collect landscape and building photographs of every 1km grid square in Great Britain and Ireland.   Starting to navigating the grid squares can be a bit cumbersome without access to an OS map but it is a great tool for "exploring" the countryside.  You can look at the ground you may want to visit and with 12 years plus of images it provides some historical background as the environment aoround us changes.   The images are inputted by the public so you can join in, maybe even find a sqaure with no photo yet taken!

I am new here where should I go?

Whilst this website and The Highland Councils website aims to direct you where to go for a walk,ride etc., Scotland is noticably poor when it comes to visitor information.   OS maps do not show public paths and it could be some years before core paths are shown on OS products.    "Strava" is a world wide company that provide internet and GPS based tracking, whilst it is aimed primarily at runners and cyclists it has an easy to access webpage where you can see where "Strava" users have been walking, runnning and cycling.   This "heat map" provides an intriging insight into where the public take exercise and even if a route is not of a local walks leaflet, OS map or core path plan you may find it on the heat map and take a visit.   See the site here, , you do not need to join Strava to view the heat map though the resolution does improve if you register - there is no change at present for this registration.

National Library of Scotland

If you are interested in old maps then the National Libarary of Scotlands online digital map library is for you see