Climate change

Carbon clever logoClimate change is a major issue, and as the Earth's climate patterns change, the atmosphere, oceans, land and nature are all affected.

It is widely accepted that the primary cause of climate change is extra heat trapped in the Earth, by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

A changing climate is not simply an environmental issue.  It is a wide-ranging problem with environmental, social and economic implications. The changing climate will have an impact on organisations, businesses, communities, infrastructure and day to day life.

In line with the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, we are working to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Implement measures to adapt to a changing climate
  • Work in a sustainable way

Our climate change commitments

Scotland's Climate Change Declaration

In 2007, we signed Scotland's Climate Change Declaration.  In becoming a signatory of the Declaration, we have made a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions, set timescales and targets for action and publish an annual progress report.

Adapting to climate change in Highland

In 2012, we published Adapting to Climate Change in Highland.  The programme incorporated research undertaken across the Highlands, along with the views of local communities, to help highlight the main issues and priorities for the region. The programme sets out specific examples with a Highland focus, guidance and reference material and an evidence based action plan outlining ways and means of adapting to climate change across the region.

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