Climate change

Highland Adapts

If we cut greenhouse gas emissions and the causes of climate change today, we would still have some degree of climate change due to the ability of greenhouse gases to remain in the atmosphere for several decades.

Therefore, we need to reduce the impact of changing conditions by adapting to the predicted effects of changing weather patterns.

We have undertaken research and conducted workshops within our organisation and with partners to develop an outline collaborative, place-based approach to adaptation called Highland Adapts. The Highland Adapts initiative will bring organisations from across the region together to develop a unique approach to adapting to climate change. Jointly resourced and rooted in a deep understanding of the needs and priorities of communities, the initiative will develop a strong evidence base setting out the climate risks and opportunities that are affecting the Highlands. This evidence will be used to develop a shared adaptation strategy and action plan which will embed action to adapt across organisational, community and sector plans, strategies and investments.