The Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy

Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy and Delivery Plan

The Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) and its delivery is at the heart of a place based, locally led and tailored approach to heat transition.

We have a statutory requirement to prepare the Strategy and Delivery Plan under the Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (Scotland) Order 2022.

The scope of our LHEES is to:

  • focus on energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation to identify opportunities for the domestic and non-domestic stock and set out how each segment of a building needs to change to meet local and national objectives, including Net Zero and energy efficiency to reduce fuel poverty
  • identify potential heat decarbonisation zones
  • identify key areas for the first iteration of LHEES to deliver against local and national priorities
  • act as a prospectus for where government funding and private investment for heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency should be targeted

There are 8 LHEES Stages proposed in the LHEES methodology. Stages 1-4 feed into the Strategy and Stages 5-7 feed into the Delivery Plan.

Stage 1 - Policy and strategy review.
Stage 2 - Data and tools library.
Stage 3 - Strategic zoning and pathways.
Stage 4 - Generation of initial delivery areas.
Stage 5 - Building-level pathway assessment.
Stage 6 - Finalisation of delivery areas.
Stage 7 - LHEES Strategy.
Stage 8 - LHEES Delivery Plan.

The documents can be accessed below:

Executive Summary

Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy

Delivery Plan

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