Biodiversity describes the variety of all life on earth and all the places where it is found.

The Council encourages organisations and individuals to take action to restore and conserve our biodiversity. For more information please visit Highland Environment Forum.

Read the Scottish Natural Heritage Pollinator Strategy.

Nature reserves

There is one local nature reserve in Highland - Merkinch Local Nature Reserve.

Highland Nature Biodiversity Action Plan

The Highland Nature Biodiversity Action Plan focuses on where positive biodiversity action can be taken to conserve and enhance important habitats and species. It also focuses on the actions that can be delivered locally, whilst taking a lead from international and national priorities. Read the Highland Nature Biodiversity Action Plan 2021 - 2026.

Biodiversity Duty Report

Under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act (2004), all public bodies in Scotland are required to further the conservation of biodiversity when carrying out their responsibilities. The Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act (2011), further requires public bodies in Scotland to provide a publicly available report, every three years, on the actions which they have taken to meet this biodiversity duty.

Read the 2018-2020 report

Read the 2015-2017 report

Obtaining biological data and habitat mapping

We do not hold any ecological information, this can be obtained from the following resources: 

Read about what wildlife is protected in Highland.