Invasive non-native species in the Highlands

The Highland Invasive Species Forum meets annually.

It aims to:

  • Bring together the key players and take stock of the situation regarding invasive non-native species in Highland
  • Raise awareness and spread good practice
  • Identify any major gaps and prioritise key areas for future work
  • Work together to secure new resources and funding

The top five most important invasive non-native species requiring management in Highland are noted below, along with the date when action was started to tackle the issue:  

  • Japanese knotweed - no project underway yet
  • American mink - Scottish mink initiative underway since 2010
  • Rhododendron ponticum - Highland rhododendron project underway since 2010
  • Giant hogweed - projects underway in Inverness-shire, Easter Ross and Nairnshire (2010)
  • Himalayan balsam - projects underway in Inverness (2011) and Glen Urquhart (2009)
You can read further information about all these species.

How to report an Invasive-non-native species

Biological Records Centre - how to record details of a species

Treatment of invasive non-native species is a landowner responsibility.

However, if the invasive non-native species is on Highland Council owned or managed land then we will investigate further e.g. Giant Hogweed growing next to a Primary School then you can submit the information to us at

Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • Location of invasive non-native species (You can get a grid reference by using )
  • What invasive non-native species did you see?
  • How much of it was there?
  • Please attach a photo