Energy use in our buildings

Energy Performance Benchmarking Tool

The energy performance reporting tool has been created by our Climate change and Energy Team and is designed to provide meaningful analysis and information in relation to the energy consumption, costs, and relative performance efficiencies of the non-domestic property estate.

It directly supports our Net-Zero Strategy which has a target of zero emissions from our operations by 2045. For 2022 to 2023, total emissions amounted to 36,702 tonnesCO2e, of which over 60% is attributed to non-domestic properties, such as our schools, offices, and depots.

This also supports our aspiration towards greater openness and transparency with respect to the data we hold. It is recommended that first-time users refer to the Help Page section to aid in their navigation and understanding of this reporting tool.

It is hoped that the tool allows members of the public, Elected Members, and our staff to understand where our property related carbon emissions arise from, and to aid informed decision-making with regard to energy expenditure and net-zero obligations.

Energy Benchmarking Tool