Assistive Technology Support Service

Contact Details

Alan Stewart, Co-ordinator
Assistive Technology Support Service
The Education Centre
Castle Street
IV15 9HU

Tel:  01349 863441

What do we do?

The Assistive Technology Support Service offers assessment, support, and advice to schools and parents in relation to the use of assistive technology to support inclusive education.

The ATSS can be accessed for any pupil who might benefit from the use of alternative means of recording or communication to support their education and learning.

ATSS staff work with teachers, parents, and other support staff to establish strategies, techniques, and the best set-up of technological equipment to support the education of the pupil.

The ATSS works closely with Educational Psychologists as well as with colleagues from Occupational and Physio Therapy in the Health Board.

Anyone can request assistance for a pupil to the ATSS by contacting us at the address above.  We will then work with the pupil's school to arrange a visit to decide on the most appropriate course of action.