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Pròiseact ùr Facal is Fearann do sgoilearan na Gàidhealtachd san Eilean Sgitheanach

5 Dec 2023

Ghabh sgoilearan ann am Foghlam tron Ghàidhlig (FtG) ann an Àrd-Sgoil Phort Rìgh, Bun-Sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh agus Bun-Sgoil Stafainn pàirt sa phròiseact phìleatach.

Community, Sports, and Leisure Facility strategy

4 Dec 2023

A strategy proposing a two-stage approach towards the development of vibrant community hubs in partnership with High Life Highland and sportscotland was agreed at the Council’s Education Committee.

Maximising achievement for young people

27 Nov 2023

An insightful presentation on the approach to maximise the achievements of young people was heard at the Council’s Education Committee.