Psychological Service

About us

We are a team of educational psychologists and pre-school home visiting teachers. We help to find solutions to improve the learning, social and emotional well-being and environment for all children and young people.

We take a positive approach to problems. We work hard to form good relationships with others. We are focused on the child and try to be evidenced based, reflective practitioners with a commitment to on-going innovative practice.

Request for involvement

Requests for involvement typically come through the Child's Plan. We can provide informal consultation at stage 2 of the Highland Practice Model. However, more direct involvement is negotiated with the educational psychologist in a Solution Focused Meeting or Child's Plan Meeting.

A request for involvement to an educational psychologist does not always need to be from the school but can be anyone who knows the child or young person well, including the child or young person themselves. If you have any concerns about a child's development, learning or behavior, please contact us. Consent must be obtained from a parent or carer before discussing any child under the age of 16 with a psychologist.

Give us your feedback

If you have recently had contact with an educational psychologist, and would like to provide us with some feedback , or suggestions  then please tell us:

How we rate ourselves

Education Scotland's report.

The role of HM Inspectors is to support and challenge the service in its approaches to self-evaluation and to help develop an action plan for improvement. Therefore to coincide with the publishing of the report the action plan is available.

The Education Scotland report noted:

'THCPS has a very strong capacity for continuous improvement... All staff are highly committed to continually improve their service delivery. The service has demonstrated their ability to respond to the needs of their stakeholders with agility and flexibility, providing high quality and some sector leading services over a large number of national and local priorities.'


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