Tourism levy consultation

Highland welcomes over six million visitors a year, including day visitors, and cruise passengers. Whilst all visitors are welcome, the Council also needs to manage the effects these large numbers are having on the region’s services, resources and infrastructure.

A Transient Visitor Levy is one option the Council is considering raising income to manage the impact of tourism and help the Council invest to ensure the region continues to be a great place to live and visit.

It is estimated that a Highland Transient Visitor Levy could generate £5 – £10 million each year, depending on how a scheme was designed.

We want to hear your thoughts on whether such a scheme should be used in Highland and, if so, how.

Please take part in our 10-minute online survey. It will be open until 20 October 2019.

Our consultation survey

Pre-Consultation report

In order to inform the Consultation, Highland Council officers held six Pre-Consultation meetings with representatives from the tourism industry across Highland in May and June 2019.

This report summarises the findings of these sessions.
Read our Tourism Visitor Levy pre-consultation

Scottish Government Transient Visitor Levy activity

The Scottish Government has committed to introducing legislation to enable local authorities to introduce a Transient Visitor Levy should they chose to.

Find out more about this national activity on the Scottish Government website

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