Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act brings the biggest change to consumer rights in a generation.  It governs the sale of goods, supply of services and intangible digital content by businesses to consumers.  Among the main changes are:

  • A new 30-day time limit for consumers to "reject" faulty goods and get a refund
  • Businesses will only have 1 attempt to repair or replace faulty goods
  • Brand new provisions for digital content, bringing consumer law up-to-date
  • Claims and promises made during discussions with consumers about services (like home improvements) will be contractually binding on businesses

We are committed to working with business to ensure that consumers get a fair deal.  Detailed Guidance for business is available here. Further guidance is available from businesscompanion and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills have compiled a Guide for Business.

Businesses seeking advice can contact us below. Consumers who feel they have been denied their buying rights or have any other consumer complaint can get advice from our partner organisation Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 1646000.  Cases requiring Trading Standards involvement are referred to us by them.

Trading Standards provides consumer advice and information in partnership with Advice Direct Scotland. Advice is available on a range of consumer problems including faulty goods and services, holiday problems, direct marketing scams and misleading price claims.

Telephone: 0808 1646000


We want feedback from your business

We are also interested in other ideas for how we can assist businesses to comply with these new laws. Should we be providing seminars or other forms of business education?  Does the Guidance material provide a clear explanation of what is required?  Have we dealt with your specific enquiry properly?

If you are a Highland business please tell us your thoughts.

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