Counterfeit goods

What are Counterfeit Goods?

Counterfeit goods are potentially dangerous. Manufacturers have strict quality controls and safety testing, fakes are unlikely to have been made to the same standards. Counterfeit goods are generally of poor quality and don't come with any guarantees or after-sales service. Factories producing these goods don't follow basic hygiene procedures and the items are often made in 'sweatshops' using child labour. Report counterfeit goods to Trading Standards.

How can I spot Counterfeit Goods?

Things to look out for if you are concerned your items might be counterfeit.


  • no outer wrapping
  • no batch code numbers
  • poorly printed text on either the bottle or on the packaging

CDs and DVDs:

  • no title or name on the actual disc
  • no outer wrapping
  • clearly photocopied inlay cards


  • poor stitching and logo embroidery
  • no branded labels on either the neck or on the inside of the item
  • no branded tags
  • photocopied certificates


  • no batch number
  • crooked labels
  • inconsistent fill heights
  • spelling mistakes on the label