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The Project Team
Ruth Cleland (The Highland Council) Project Manager
Kirsty Foster (The Highland Council) Graphic Design and Illustration for plaque work; app user experience design and map; Merchandise design; Inverness Castle coaster artwork; Website graphics.

The App Designer
Darroch McNaught (Deuxality)

The Artists
Claire Maclean - Claire Maclean Illustration - Market Dog, Prisoners, Brahan Seer artworks.
Hannah Stradling - Unicorn and Fairies and Unicorn and Falcon artworks.
Catriona Meighan - Inverness Castle artwork.
Millburn Academy pupil Anna-Evelina Zelanika for her competition winning picture of the Loch Ness Monster.

The Highland Council
The Inverness Common Good Fund (artwork and plaque production)
The City Region Deal (promotion costs)

Local historians
Norman Newton
David Alston

Exhibitions and art adviser
Cathy Shankland

The Suppliers
JThomson Colour Printers - Merchandise production
Matic Media Sign Maker - Plaque production



HighlandAR is a trademarked brand.

Copyright sits with the artists, however The Highland Council have moral rights to all the art work.

Copyright for the graphic design of the plaques and the promotional materials belongs to The Highland Council.

© The Highland Council. Apps created by Deuxality. About Highland AR

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