Reduce, reuse, recycle for Highland


Our Waste Aware Team can visit your school or youth group to do some fun stuff to help raise awareness about waste issues, all for free. 

We can do workshops on recycling and composting. We can also do talks on waste minimisation.

Recycling at School Posters

To arrange a visit at your school or borrow from the resource library, please get in touch.

Top tips for reducing waste at school


  • set printers up to print double sided as a default setting 
  • encourage everyone to print e-mails only when absolutely necessary 
  • only use one paper towel at a time 
  • avoid disposable, single use products, such as cleaning wipes 


  • have a well labelled scrap paper tray in every room
  • encourage everyone to bring in waste-free packed lunches and snacks
  • use refillable food containers and bottles and avoiding over-packaged foods 
  • reuse envelopes. Envelope reuse labels can help to cover up the previous address and reseal the envelope. You can make your own or try to source some from a local charity
  • use rechargeable batteries
  • reuse plastic containers such as yoghurt pots and margarine tubs for use during art activities 
  • set up a collection for spectacles to donate to Vision Aid, an organisation that sends unwanted spectacles to developing countries to be reused


  • recycle as much as possible in your school's blue bins
  • use your local recycling point for textiles and glass
  • compost your organic waste such as fruit peelings, tea bags and any garden waste. The compost that you make can be used to improve your soil 
  • you can raise some money either for the school or for charity by recycling old mobile phones and ink cartridges
  • consider composting cooked food waste with a wormery
  • collect used stamps and send to a charity

More information on what you can do in school