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COVID-19 changes to waste services

Latest updates on recycling centres

Vans (under 3.5 tonnes) and trailers are now allowed into all recycling centres with permitted household items.

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Isle of Skye binmen praised for their quick thinking in ensuring the safety of elderly islander

7 Jan 2021

Two binmen carrying out their work on the Isle of Skye prior to the New Year have been recognised and commended by a local councillor for their intervention to ensure the safety of an elderly resident.

Reduce waste this Christmas-  Make the most of recycling

3 Dec 2020

The Highland Council would like to say a big thank you to everyone for continuing to recycle in 2020 despite it being a very challenging year.  Christmas may not be as we had hoped this year, but we would still like everyone to reduce waste where possible, and to reuse and recycle as you go through the festive period.

Mixed glass recycling for Highland

9 Nov 2020

The Highland Council is pleased to announce that glass bottle and jar recycling is moving from segregated to mixed glass recycling. All glass banks at Recycling Points across the region are now accept