Changes to your bins

Service changes

We’re changing the way you recycle at home

We are making improvements to waste and recycling collections to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste sent for disposal and increase the amount recycled.

You can help us achieve these goals by recycling more of your waste. As the quality and quantity of recycling improves, this will reduce the costs associated with waste disposal, helping us to continue to deliver other important services.

What's changing

Your existing 240L green bin*:

  • will be used to recycle plastics, metals and cartons (* some residents may have a grey bin)
  • this will be collected every 4 weeks

Your existing 240L blue bin: 

  • will only be used to recycle paper, card and cardboard
  • this will be collected every 4 weeks

Your new grey non-recyclable waste bin:

  • we will be providing you with a new 140L grey bin if you have a food waste collection. 
  • we will be providing you with a new 180L grey bin if you do not have a food waste collection
  • this will be collected every 2 weeks

Food waste caddies:

  • where there is a new food waste collection we will be providing you with new food waste caddies.
  • this will be collected weekly 

What to expect

The changes are being rolled out in phases across all areas over the next 12 months, so continue to use your bins as normal until you receive your new bin

You will receive a letter letting you know when your new bin is arriving and when your new collections start and if you will receive a food waste collection

Your new grey non-recyclable waste bin will be delivered with a detailed information booklet explaining the changes and what to put in each bin

A new collection calendar will also be provided with the booklet


There will be separate arrangements for flats with communal bins. Residents will be contacted at a later stage when individual blocks of flats have been assessed.

Find out when your area is expected to receive new bins

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