Changes to your bins

Useful information on the service change

Start of the new collections

New collections will be rolled out in phases across the Highland region with Ross & Cromarty being the first area to receive new collections.

Find out when your area will receive new bins

Important dates on your letter explain when the changes are happening

Your letter has important dates on page 2 explaining what will happen to your bins. 

1st date: Your new non-recyclable waste grey bin (and silver food waste caddies if you are in a food waste collection area) will be delivered to your property.

2nd date: Your green bin will be changed to a mixed plastics, metals, and food and drinks cartons recycling bin after it has been emptied on it's usual collection day.

3rd date: Your blue bin will be changed to a paper, card and cardboard only recycling bin after it has been emptied on its usual collection day.

What you need to do

Ensure your bins are out for collection by 7am on their collection day. Please leave your bins out after they have been emptied so we can sticker them with information about what can now be recycled in them.

Collection frequency of your bins

Your grey non-recyclable waste bin will be collected every 2 weeks

Your green recycling bin will be collected every 4 weeks

Your blue recycling bin will be collected every 4 weeks

Food waste caddies will be collected every week

Lost letters

If you have lost your letter which explains your changes to collections and the dates these are happening, you can request another copy by e-mailing

Lost information booklet

If you have lost your detailed  information booklet you can request another copy by e-mailing

New calendars

Your new calendar will arrive with the detailed information booklet. It will be in a clear, waterproof envelope attached to your new, grey non-recyclable waste bin. It has the start date of your new collections on it and which bin to put out.

Please follow your current calendar until this start date. The website will have your current collection calendar showing until your new collections start. 

Food waste caddies

If you are in a food waste collection area, your information booklet explains what you can put in your food waste caddies. 

Residents in the following towns and villages will be receiving a food waste collection:

  • Alness, Avoch, Conon Bridge, Culbokie, Evanton, Dingwall, Fortrose, Invergordon, Maryburgh, Muir of Ord, Munlochy, North Kessock, Rosemarkie and Strathpeffer. 

Find out more about food waste

What to do if your new grey non-recyclable bin or food waste caddies have not been delivered

If your bin has not been delivered by the end of the week stated on your letter, check the service change roll out page to check for any updates before contacting Customer Services on 01349 886603. Please do not call before this date

Households are advised that the changes will be implemented according to the refuse and recycling collection routes, therefore not all properties within the area will have their bins delivered at the same time.

Additional bins

For households who have received the new non-recyclable bin, you must meet at least one of the criteria listed below to get additional bins:

  • 5 or more permanent residents
  • 2 or more children using nappies
  • a resident with a medical condition that demonstrates a need for additional bin capacity.

Apply for additional bins for your household

Assisted Collections

Assisted (backdoor) collections will continue as normal. Your new grey non-recyclable waste bin will be delivered to your collection point with an instruction booklet explaining the changes.

Garden Waste collections

Garden Waste collections will continue as normal. 

Funding the new service

We have received £6.55 million from the Scottish Government's Recycling Improvement Fund to implement the changes to waste and recycling collections for communities across the region. The funding includes the provision of the new, grey non-recyclable bins, along with facilitating the expansion of the food waste collection service to another 30,000 households. We have also approved capital investment in waste infrastructure with the construction of a new Waste Transfer Station in Fort William, along with a communications and engagement package to support residents with the changes to the recycling services.

Community Engagement Sessions

We will be holding Community Engagement Sessions in libraries, leisure centres, supermarkets and shops providing more information on the changes to waste and recycling collections. The Waste Awareness team will be on hand to answer any questions.

Find out where your nearest session is

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