What can go in my household bins

Non-recyclable waste

Important notice

We are changing the way you recycle at home. Find out more.

If your new GREY bin has been delivered:

  • please use your new GREY bin for general non-recyclable waste starting on the collections day on your new calendar

If you have not received your new GREY bin:

  • please continue to use your GREEN bin (or black/grey for some residents) for non-recyclable waste

Check your bin collection days

Non-recyclable waste

Use your non-recyclable waste bin for waste that cannot be recycled.

This bin must not be used for:

If we consider the bin to be overloaded, it will not be emptied, a sticker will be placed on the lid with instructions.

Further information

If you are unsure which bin to put an item in, please contact recycle@highland.gov.uk or you can search for items on RecycleNow for information on how and where to dispose of it.

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