Sheltered housing

Charges for sheltered housing

There is a sheltered housing service charge. This pays for the warden’s enhanced housing service.

This service charge is included in your rent.

If you get benefits to help pay your rent, they cover the warden service charge too.

All tenants in sheltered housing are charged for the warden service. You cannot change this.

Most sheltered housing provides a 5 day warden service. Some have a 7 day warden service.

In Inverness, Nairn and Aviemore, if ‘hardwired’ telecare is still provided, it will be included in the service charge.

The charges (2023/2024) for each are:

  • £18.47 a week for 7 days a week warden service
  • £14.84 a week for 5 days a week warden service

Highland Council Telecare (‘hard-wired’)

If your property has ‘hard-wired’ telecare provided by the Highland Council, you will be charged £5.78.

If your property is covered by the warden service, this charge will be added too.

NHS Highland’s telecare users, get billed separately.

Find out what services are provided when you apply for housing.  To find out more, contact us on 01349 886602.

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