Trees, woodland and forestry

Protected trees

There are 3 layers of tree protection:

  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)
  • Conservation areas
  • Planning conditions

If you want to carry out any tree felling or surgery works to a protected tree, you must get written permission from us. This can be obtained by completing a Tree work application form and returning it to the Development and Infrastructure Service for their consideration.

Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order protects individual trees and woodlands that make a significant contribution to the appearance or natural beauty of an area, or are of cultural or historical importance.

full screen map of preservation orders


Please email any search enquiries to:

Tree Preservation Order No. HC137

As the Council Service Points are currently closed, a certified copy of the Order is available below.

Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas protect trees and woodlands as important landscape features which often make a significant contribution to the special character of the area.

To determine whether a tree or woodland is within a Conservation Area, please find the specified area on the maps of Conservation Areas

Planning conditions

Replacement of protected trees

Where we allow the removal of a protected tree, we expect appropriate replacement planting. In any development plan, trees proposed for removal should be replaced with appropriate planting in a landscape scheme.