Outdoor access

Access rights

You have the right to be on most land and inland water for recreation, education and going from place to place, provided you act responsibly.

We have a duty to uphold access rights, to plan a network of core paths and to set up a Local Access Forum. We also have a duty to promote the Scottish Outdoor Access Code so that everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code has been produced by Scottish Natural Heritage to give guidance on your responsibilities when exercising access rights. It outlines the 3 key principles of responsible access:

  • Respect the interests of other people
  • Care for the environment
  • Take responsibility for your own actions

Our Access Team delivers services throughout the Highlands, with the exception of the area contained within the boundaries of the Cairngorm National Park.

For further information or advice contact the Access Team.

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