Outdoor access

Local Access Forum

We have established 6 Local Access Forums to advise us on access to countryside issues and also to provide assistance in any dispute resolution in relation to the exercise of access rights, the delineation and existence of rights of way and the drawing up of core paths plans.

The maximum number of forum members is 9 plus 2 Councillors (3 in Inverness and Nairn). The forums also have the facility to form sub groups to carry out specific investigations or to co-opt specialist advisers.

The forums were appointed by us to include a balanced representation with 3 nominees selected from each of the following categories:

  • Land managers – estate owners, farmers, crofters, foresters 
  • Access users – walkers, cyclists, horse riders, canoeists  
  • Community groups – community councils, environmental organisations, local path development groups

A representative of the Local Disability Access Panel is also invited to sit on the forum.

Meetings are open to the public and minutes from each meeting are available to read:

Operation of the Forums and Code of Conduct for Members

The Local Access Forum is not an independent body, it has a set of principles for the running and general operation of the meeting called Standing Orders.  Members of the forum are expected to sit on the forum in a way that the public can expect the body to be run in an open, transparent and ethical manner, a Code of Conduct for forum members exist to assist in this.  

National Access Forum

This forum has been set up to help implement access rights. For more information visit the National Access Forum on facebook.