Outdoor access

Seasonal Access Rangers

From 1 April 2022 people visiting the Highlands may have the chance to meet Highland Council’s Seasonal Outdoor Access Rangers who begin patrols and visitor engagement across Lochaber, Skye, Loch Ness, Wester Ross and the North West. 

As visitor numbers increase throughout the Spring and Summer months, so will the number of Rangers who will be out-and-about on their patrols. Highland Council plans to build up to a team of at least seventeen Rangers by June, working through the high season and into early Autumn.

The Rangers will offer a friendly and welcoming approach to engaging with the public to inform and educate people about access rights, wild camping, overcrowding, parking - including overnight parking in motorhomes, littering, fires, damage to trees and outdoor toileting. They will also collect data on visitor numbers and capacity issues especially at popular sites.

In between patrols the Rangers will liaise with communities and landowners when issues arise, working together on solutions. The Council also hopes to recruit some local volunteer Rangers to assist in busy periods.

The team can be contacted by email at accessrangers@highland.gov.uk

or by phoning the Senior Rangers on