Reporting noise

Noise from neighbours

No house or flat is totally sound proof and everyone can expect a degree of noise from neighbours. This could include the neighbours behaving unreasonably, for example, by playing loud music late at night or allowing their dog to bark all day. This problem can be made worse if you do not get on with your neighbours.

Before reporting noise nuisance

Approach your neighbours and explain why you are being bothered by the noise. Although you may find this difficult they may be prepared to do what they can to reduce the noise.

  • If your neighbours continue to cause a nuisance, write to them about the effect the noise is having on you and ask them to stop
  • Keep a copy of the letter so you have a formal record
  • Start a diary recording the dates and times of any noise nuisance
  • Record details of what the noise was, the effect it had on you and keep a record of any conversations you have or letters you write

You can contact the police, if they think the noise would give reasonable cause for annoyance the person responsible can be told to do something about it.

Report noise from neighbours