Reporting noise

Complain about noise from commercial premises

Complain to the business responsible for the noise. If you are not satisfied after speaking to the business you may then consider taking the following actions:

Contact us

Our officers will be able to offer advice and, if necessary, arrange to investigate your complaint. With your consent they may contact the person responsible for the noise. If the problem cannot be dealt with informally and the officers are satisfied that the noise amounts to a statutory nuisance, they can serve an Abatement Notice in terms of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990. If the person without reasonable cause fails to comply with the notice, proceedings can be taken in the Sheriff Court.

In the case of a trade or business, the company has a statutory defence if it can show that it has taken the best practical means to control the noise.

Report noise nuisance

Complain directly to the Sheriff Court

As an occupier of premises affected by noise amounting to a nuisance, you can complain directly to the Sheriff Court in terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. You may do this because you don’t wish to involve us or because you feel you have not obtained satisfaction from us.

Although you can apply to the Sheriff Court direct, you may wish to obtain advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or from a solicitor.

Take civil action

Civil action may be taken if you can demonstrate that the noise nuisance substantially affects your health, comfort or convenience. It can prove very expensive and it is wise to seek legal advice. If you can win the case you will obtain an injunction to stop the noise and can sometimes claim damages. Civil action differs from Sheriff Court proceedings in that the judgement would be based on how the nuisance affects you.