Dog fouling

Green Dog Walkers

The Green Dog Walkers (Highland) Scheme (GDW) is a community led initiative to combat dog fouling. Volunteers wear the wristband or their dogs wear the collar which means they will:

  • Clean up after their dog 
  • Wear the wristband or put the GDW collar on their dog when walking their dog 
  • Carry extra dog waste bags 
  • Lend a dog waste bag to those without 
  • Be a friendly reminder to other dog walkers to clean up after their dogs 

Join us

The Green Dog Walkers Scheme is designed to be run by local community groups in their own communities. Contact us to find out if there is already a group in your area or to start one up.

Community or tenants groups can join if they are: 

  • A constituted community group 
  • Able to administer the project, for example, distribution of materials, meeting mailing costs 
  • Help with promotion of the campaign in your area 
  • Run or volunteer in at least events annually 
  • Help with the monitoring and evaluating  the campaign