Self-directed Support

Self-Directed Support

Self-Directed Support

Self-Directed Support is available for children and young people who have been assessed as needing care or support from the Highland Council Disability Service. We look at the child or young person's needs and preferences which will be done in partnership with parents and carers.

If an assessment is required for an adult please contact NHS Highland.

The professional person working with the child or young person has to agree the plan before an individual budget can be considered for approval. The parent or carer will then know how much money is available for care or support.

The child or young person's plan might involve them receiving support from any or a combination of the following:

  • Option 1 - a direct payment.
  • Option 2 - working with a care provider to manage the child or young person's budget.
  • Option 3 - we arrange your care or support for the child or young person. 
  • Option 4 - a combination of the above options.

At the time of review there will be discussion regarding progress made and new outcomes for the future, this includes whether or not the supported person still meets the eligibility criteria as having been assessed as needing support from the Highland Council Disability Service.

Regardless of the option chosen the budget should only be spent towards achieving the outcomes identified in the support plan.

In the first instance please contact the school or your health visitor who will discuss the needs of your child and if appropriate to request an assessment.

Coronavirus (Covid 19):

We continue to follow National Guidance regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is an everchanging landscape and you need to protect yourself and your families. For more guidance and information, please refer to the following websites:

Coronavirus in Scotland.

Self-Directed Support Guidance.

Public Health Scotland.

Highland Councils statement regarding respite provision for children with disabilities

Respite provision for children with health & disabilities provided by Highland Council will recommence once the public health guidance suggests it is safe to do so. At this time the guidance from the Scottish Government and COSLA continues to be that it is not safe to reopen respite units.

It is envisaged that when this guidance does change that there will have to be a phasing in approach and initially day respite will be offered first before reinstatement of overnight respite.  As respite commences, places will be allocated after an individual assessment is carried out by the child’s local disability team and the unit manager with the family and will focus on the child’s level of need, any associated risk and the availability of places in line with the appropriate guidance as advised by the Scottish Government.

Recognising the pressures on families not receiving respite at this time, the council is keen to support families to look at alternatives to respite which may ease some of that pressure and therefore families should be encouraged to discuss viable alternatives with their worker.

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