Inshes junction improvements

Inshes Junction Improvements Phase 2

Inshes Junction update November 2015

The meeting heard that the Scottish Minister selected two options C and D in June 2015 from the A9/A96 Connectivity Study. Whilst similarities exist, these two options distribute traffic differently in the area and we cannot finalise the layout of Inshes Junction until the re-distribution of this traffic is better understood. Transport Scotland has now moved to the design stage and it may be some time before a definitive solution emerges.

Layouts were shown to the public in earlier consultations which coincided with the Inshes and Raigmore Development Brief and the A9/A96 Connectivity Studies. It was stressed that the Inshes Junction layout proposed was to allow consultation but following comments received, dialogue with Transport Scotland and discussions with developers together with more traffic modelling, it is likely that significant changes to the layout may emerge, and indeed a roundabout modification has not been ruled out. These proposals will emerge as more becomes known.

It is recognised that traffic congestion occurs in this area and that recently the new UHI campus opened. We have been investigating traffic capacity enhancements that can be implemented early. This includes providing three lanes over Inshes overbridge and localised flarings on the approach to the existing Inshes roundabout.  Option D of the A9/A96 Connectivity study currently shows the demolition of Inshes overbridge – so any investment by the Council on the overbridge needs to be mindful that it could be abortive. The flarings (short lengths of additional lane) at the roundabout, included in the presentation, are shown, through traffic modelling, to improve traffic capacity at relatively low cost and as such we are planning to implement these improvements in the Spring of 2016.

Our PowerPoint slides show the two A9/A96 connection options selected for further development by Transport Scotland, the Inshes Junction layout tabled for consultation in 2014 and the proposed improvements planned for Spring 2016.

The meeting also heard about the Inshes and Raigmore Development Brief that has now been adopted following the consultation process. Ongoing discussions are being held with prospective developers for the Dell of Inshes site and these discussions include the requirement to make provision for the A9/A96 connectivity proposals and also road layouts to dovetail with the future road layouts whilst providing access to any new development.