Transport Programme

Sutherland transport programme

The Council currently spends £15.003 million on providing mainstream home-to-school, public and dial-a-bus transport services across Highland. At a time of reducing budgets, the Council has agreed a target to reduce the budget spent on the provision of transport by 15 per cent.

The Transport Programme will consider the needs of communities across Highland in preparation for re-tendering the current services offered. It will be important to understand the needs and views of communities to ensure that the services provided in the future best meet the needs of communities within the budget available.

It is important to note, however, that it will not be possible for us to continue to deliver services in the same way or at the same level as before.

The initial documents published here reflect the work which has recently been underway in Sutherland as part of the transport expenditure reductions being sought. In Sutherland £1.678 million is spent by Highland Council on providing mainstream home-to-school, public, and dial-a-bus transport services. This spending supports the majority of bus services which operate in Sutherland and the target is to reduce this level of funding support by £252,236.

The documents listed here incorporate:

  1. An aggregate report containing:
    A summary of key issues emerging through public meetings and questionnaire responses.
    Individual reports detailing the feedback received from each of the 4 public meetings and through the 3 questionnaire variants.
  2. Rural Impact Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment reports.
  3. The Invitation to Tender Routes and the Rationale behind the composition of the Invitation to Tender for Sutherland’s public bus services
  4. The survey questionnaires used as part of the consultation process
  5. A report which notifies the public, dial-a-bus and the home-to-school transport services arising from the Sutherland 2015 retendering

If you have any questions on the Transport Programme please email Stephen Graham.