Development Enquiry

To receive advice on the need for planning permission or building warrants on your development proposal, submit a Development Enquiry. The fee to use this service can be found under the Development Enquiry on the Planning and building standards fees page.

You will need to use the Development Enquiry form when:

  • You wish to change a domestic property for example home alterations - extension or alterations and development within your garden use the Householder form
  • You wish to change the use or make an internal or external alteration or extend a business, industrial or agricultural building use the Non-Householder form
  • You are a Telecommunications provider and you wish to either provide notification of use of permitted development rights or find out if you need planning permission use the Utilities Notification form. If you are providing Prior Notification, use the Prior Notification form
  • You have residential accommodation, and you wish to find out whether or not planning permission may be required for a short term let

If you know you require planning permission, we encourage and welcome the opportunity to provide you with advice before you formally submit your planning application. More details can be found on our pre application advice pages.