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We are taking steps to allow us to continue to deliver our services for the duration of the COVID-19 situation.  Details of our full position can be found on this page. 

We are no longer operating under business as usual in order to focus on priority and statutory services. We are planning for greatly increased staff absence levels over the coming days and weeks. Staff will be working remotely, so capacity and access to our usual systems will be significantly limited. It may therefore take longer to process planning applications, building warrants, and related aspects of the Planning and Building Standards service including customer queries, complaints and public comments during this period.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Pre-application advice

If you do find out you need planning permission and would like to receive advice and information on your development proposal, check out our Pre-application advice service.

We are aware of 'time-out' issues that may occur when making payments for applications through the online portals when using a Google Chrome browser. You may wish to use an alternative browser when making payment until this issue has been resolved by Scottish Government. If you experience this issue please contact Scottish Government at and they can advise what to do next to get your application submitted. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You can now login to your account and the at

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Paper applications

Download an application form from this page, print off and complete, then send the form to our ePlanning centre at Headquarters (address below) for processing. Please do not submit paper applications to area offices or service points. This also applies to additional or supporting documentation you may need to send to us in relation to existing planning applications.

Download a paper application form

Section 42 applications

To make an application use the Portal:

  • Select the planning permission form
  • Then select further application in the type of application section

If you want to submit this in paper, you should use the Planning Permssion Forms Package and submit as a further application.

Section 50 Certificate

To apply, visit our Planning(Section 50) certificates.

Major developments

If you are submitting an application for major development, you must submit a Proposal of Application Notice at least 12 weeks before the date you are intending to submit your planning application.

Submitting additional information

If you have additional information you would like to provide in connection with a submitted application, you can submit follow up documentation to us electronically using a new online form within the new portal.

The online form in the portal is called Post Submission Additional Documents (PSAD) and should be used to submit the following:

  • Planning Application additional documents
  • Notice of Review Application additional documents
  • Appeal a Refusal or other decision additional documents
  • Appeal a Notice additional documents
  • Request for non-material variations

Even though the original applications (below) cannot be made using, you can still usethe PSAD online form on the Portal to submit follow up documents for:

  • Development Enquiry additional documents (Even though original applicationcannot bemade via the
  • Pre-application Advice additional documents

When submitting additional information please make sure:

  • Quote youroriginal application reference number on any documents you send
  • Include a scale bar on all plans
  • Plans should be correctly named, for example, "elevation", "site plan", "floor plan"
  • Revised plans should use the original description and be correctly titled as such, drawing number followed by 'Rev A/B/C as appropriate'and include a date of the revision
  • The date you send any additional information should be clearly marked on plans
  • Requests for minor changes must also be sent to our ePlanning Centre

If you are unable to use the PSAD online form in the new portal, you can email or post the information to our ePlanning Centre. Contact details are further down this page.

ePlanning support

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For guidance on how to submit applications using portal you can read how to use

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