Planning permission

Requests for variations to planning applications

There is a fee for this service which is reviewed annually with any fee increase taking effect from 1 April each year. To find out the fee for this service visit our Planning and Building Standards fee page. Quote the reference PLV when making a payment for a request for variation.

Use our Request for Variation form below to describe minor changes after a planning decision has been made. Send this along with any amended drawings as per our process below for submitting additional information on the Portal. Ensure you quote the original planning application reference number upon submission.

This process should not be used to apply to vary or remove conditions attached to an existing planning permission. To do this, make an application for Planning Permission under Section 42 using the Portal. 

Non-material variations to previously approved schemes

If your proposed changes will not significantly change the scheme that was originally granted planning permission, you may be able to submit a 'Non-Material Variation'.

This can only come from the person granted the permission, or someone acting with their consent (this includes successors in title to the land in question).

We use the following criteria to assess the variation. The varied scheme:

  • Must still comply with the policies of the Development Plan
  • Does not require Listed Building or Conservation Area consent
  • Does not involve a material change of use requiring planning permission
  • Does not require the deletion or alteration of conditions imposed upon the original scheme
  • Does not require the imposition of additional planning conditions in order to make it acceptable
  • Does not require further neighbour notification
  • Does not conflict with a change to the originally approved scheme, or conditions imposed upon the originally approved scheme which were required to mitigate a material impact identified through third party representations made on the original proposal
  • Does not, within housing developments of ten or more houses, relate to the following matters:
    • Any additional house plots
    • alternative house design such as a change in house type;
    • changes that require the modification of the road layout;
    • changes that lead to a significant change in finished floor levels of the house;
    • changes that require the movement of a house by more than 3m in any direction;
    • changes that require the removal or significant relocation of open space, landscaping or other above ground infrastructure.
  • The scale of change which can be considered as non-material will vary depending on the scale of the originally proposed development. 

The approval of requests for a non-material variation is at the discretion of the Planning Authority.

Applications can be made using the Request for Variation form and following the ‘Submitting additional information’ guidance on our Planning Permission page. There is a charge for this service but payments for this service cannot be submitted on the portal and must be made separately. 

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