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We have taken steps to allow us to continue to deliver our services for the duration of the COVID-19 situation. Read our full position. Staff will be working remotely, so capacity and access to our usual systems will be reduced. It may take longer to process planning applications, building warrants, RCC's, environmental advice and related aspects of the service. This also includes responses to customer queries, complaints and public comments during this period. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Due to ongoing IT issues SEPA are currently unable to respond to planning consultations.  This has resulted in an extremely reduced ability for them to engage in the Planning application process, and as a consequence this has impacted on our ability to process Planning applications and provide advice where SEPA involvement is required.

You can make a representation on an application, whether to object, to support or make a general comment, within 21 days of the date that the application was either registered with the Council, when you were notified as a neighbour, or where it was advertised by us, whichever is the later.

You need to create a user account to submit comments online on applications. Once you have registered you may sign into your account, retrieve an application then to add a comment, click on the Make a Comment button. Clicking the Comments tab displays how many comments have been made about the application. All comments to applications should be made electronically via public access. It may take longer to process comments during this period.

Comments you submit will be published online along with your name and address. Signatures and other personal information will be blacked out.

Due to the volume of correspondence we receive on planning applications, we cannot enter into detailed correspondence or discussions with individual objectors on the points they raise. The Council's statutory duty is to take account of comments received within the statutory period, not to reply to them. Accordingly, comments should not be in the form of questions but should be clear statements about areas of concern. You may however wish to support or oppose an application on conditional terms.

There are restrictions in place. The use of inappropriate words and phrases are not allowed. Salacious, malicious and defamatory comments are not allowed. Any comments which are considered to defamatory or to be inappropriate will be redacted. The online comment facility is for your use, to increase your input into the planning process. Please do not abuse it.

Only comments which raise material planning considerations will be taken into account. However, other representations we receive (that are not necessarily material planning considerations) are also likely to be made public on our Public Access site.

Comments are only available for 3 months from the decision date. When an application has been withdrawn no associated documents or comments are visible.

Full guidance of how to Register and Comment on an applicaton can be found in our Guide to using Highland ePlanning

What you can comment on

Material planning considerations are matters the Council must take into account when deciding planning applications. In order for your comments to be taken into account, they must be made for legitimate planning reasons. We have provided some examples below. Please note, these are not exhaustive lists.

Examples of material planning considerations are:

  • siting, design and materials
  • parking provision and access
  • residential amenity (overshadowing, noise)
  • drainage and infrastructure
  • impact on existing trees, proposed landscaping

Examples of non-material considerations are:

  • private legal issues between neighbours e.g. land/boundary disputes, damage to property or private rights of access
  • ownership of land
  • loss of a view
  • loss in the value of your property
  • covered by other regulations (e.g. building regulations)

More information can be found on the Planning Aid Scotland website.


You may send a petition of objection or support provided that:

  • Each page of the petition is headed with the aim of the petition
  • The names and addresses of those signing are provided and are readable
  • The comments are material in planning terms and are clearly stated
  • The name and address of the petition co-ordinator is included for receipt of acknowledgement and notification of the decision.

A petition counts as one objection for the purposes of being referred to Committee. Acknowledgement and notification of the decision will only be made to the petition co-ordinator.

After your comment has been submitted

We will acknowledge receipt of your comment. Your comment will be considered before a decision is made on the application. We will inform you of the decision on the application.

Commenting on applications in the Cairngorms National Park Area

Comments will be accepted until the neighbour notification period has expired on an application. All comments will then be forwarded to the Cairngorms National Park. After an application's neighbour notification period has expired please send your comments to

Timeout and comment limit

There is a 10 minute timeout on pages. If this time passes and you are still typing, any information you then submit will be lost. If you have a lot of information to be typed, we advise using something like Microsoft Word to compose your statement, and then copying this into the text box on the website. Comments submitted are also limited to 5000 characters, and you cannot add file attachments.

If your comment exceeds the 5000 character limit or you need to add an attachment, please email directly to or post it in writing to eProcessing Centre, Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, IV3 5NX.

Give us feedback

If you have any technical difficulties when using our ePlanning Site, please use this form to tell us about it.

It will help us resolve the problem if you include:

  • Screenshots of the issue (desirable) – Paste into a word document and attach to the online complaints form as they help us to resolve issues more quickly
  • A description of what you were trying to do on our site when the issue occurred (essential)
  • Date and time the issue occurred (essential)

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