Planning permission

How to use Highland ePlanning

Highland ePlanning is an online tool that lets you find and comment on current and historical planning applications in Highland. It provides up-to-date access to our planning database and all information entered onto the system is immediately available with some necessary restrictions.  Find out more about Copyright, terms and conditions that apply when using the ePlanning site.

Time limit 

There is a 10 minute timeout on pages. If this time passes and you are still typing, any information you then submit will be lost. If you have a lot of information to be typed, we advise using something like  Microsoft Word to compose your statement, and then copying this in to the text box on the website. Comments submitted are also limited to 5000 characters, and you cannot add file attachments.

Give us feedback

if you have any technical difficulties when using our ePlanning Site, please use this form to tell us about it. It will help us resolve the problem if you include:

  • Screenshots of the issue  (desirable) – Paste into a word document and attach to the online complaints form as they help us to resolve issues quicker
  • A description of what you were trying to do on our site when the issue occurred (essential)
  • Date and time the issue occurred (essential)

Create a user account

Anyone can use the site to view planning applications but to save searches and track applications, you must create a user account.

Search for applications

Highland ePlanning provides a variety of methods to allow you to find the information you are looking for:

  • Basic search - search for applications, appeals or enforcements according to some entered text
  • Advanced search - search according to a wide combination of factors
  • Map search - search using an interactive map tool
  • Property search - search for a particular property to which applications may apply
  • Weekly and monthly lists - search for applications whose status is validated or decided within a particular time period


When generating your own weekly or monthly lists from this website there may be some cases where there is a delay in updating the ePlanning webpages with valid application details. To make sure full lists of all valid applications are viewed please refer to the lists we publish each week.

Searches that you want to perform frequently can be saved so that they may be repeated easily as often as you like. You need to create a user account to be able to use the saved search feature.

Searching and viewing application details will only be possible using Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 and above.

Track applications

You need to create a user account to be able to track applications.

Any application, appeal or enforcement can be tracked so that you can keep up-to-date with its progress without having to search for it again. Once you have retrieved an application using one of the search methods, clicking the track button adds this application to your tracked applications list.

When applications that are the subject of a saved search or are in your tracked applications list are modified, a list of those applications will appear in the Notified Applications page. You will also be sent a notification email.

Comment on applications

Any comments you submit (either online or on paper) will be published online along with your name. Signatures and other personal information will be blacked out. 

Only comments which raise material planning considerations will be taken into account in the assessment of the proposal.

You need to create a user account to submit comments online on applications. Once you have retrieved an application using one of the search methods, clicking the comments tab displays how many comments have been made about the application. To add a comment, click on the make a comment button.

Online comments will form part of the overall representations made and be collated with normal letters of representation (comment, objection or support) for a planning application or development.

There are restrictions in place. This facility will be moderated. The use of inappropriate words and phrases are not allowed. Salacious, malicious and defamatory comments are not allowed and appropriate action will be taken if such comments are found.

The online comment facility is for your use, to increase your input into the planning process. Please do not abuse it.


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