Planning permission

Application Checklists

Please make sure you submit the correct drawings and supporting information with your application form. We advise you to use our checklists showing the information that needs to be submitted. You must submit all the information at the start of the planning process in order to avoid any unnecessary delay.  

Depending on the circumstances of your development you may need to submit additional supporting information, for example,  bat survey, details of drainage arrangements or transport assessment. You should check our Supporting information checklist  before applying to see if additional information needs to be submitted. This applies to all applicants.

Please seek advice from your local area office if you are unsure.

Please note that supporting information received in connection with applications may be published online and viewed by members of the public.  If you wish to include documentation that contains commercially or environmentally sensitive information in support of your application, please ensure it is clearly marked and either submitted as a separate document or include as an appendix so that it can be easily identified and redacted.

Applications submitted in paper for a development within the Cairngorms National Park will require 5 sets of plans rather than 4.

Land Ownership Certificate

Applicants who require to serve notice on The Highland Council as landowner to which an application relates should complete and serve the notice to: 


Estates Manager

Estates Department

The Highland Council


Glenurquhart Road




Once you have served the notice, and as long as you have identified all owners of the land , you should complete Land Ownership Certificate B providing a list of the names and addresses of the owners you have given notice to, with the date on which you served the notice. The Land Ownership Certificate must accompany the application for planning permission.