Appeal a planning decision

Your planning decision notice will tell you which of these 2 options you should take:

  • Seek a review of the case through the Local Review Body, or
  • Appeal to Scottish Ministers


You have a period of 3 months following the date the decision was made in which to lodge an appeal or review.

Review by Local Review Body

If your application was a local development determined using delegated powers - that is determined by our officers without going to a committee,  then you should seek a review of the case by the Local Review Body.
This body is administered by our Review Body Administrative Team, and is quite separate from the planning service. 


Appeal to Scottish Ministers

This action should be taken for major applications or local applications which were determined by a Planning Applications Committee. This way of appealling should also be used for:

  • Listed building consent
  • Conservation area consent
  • Consent to display advertisements
  • Mineral development applications
  • Hazardous substances applications

You can submit an appeal online at the Scottish Government's e-planning portal or by contacting the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals. 

The decision reached on your appeal will be final, subject to any further appeal to the Court of Session or application for a judicial review.



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