Coastal planning

Coastatlantic, the Atlantic coast (Wester Ross) and the Two Brooms projects

From 2003 to 2006, we took part in the Interreg 3B Coastatlantic Project. This involved working with partners from Ireland, England, France, Spain, and Portugal. The aim was to develop a vision for integrated coastal zone management on Europe’s western seaboard based on the experience of delivering a range of local initiatives.

It was mainly funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Together with funding support from other key agencies in Scotland, it made it possible for us to prepare our first integrated coastal zone plan. This project formed the core of a study on the design and implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Plans at a local level.

The plan was developed for the Two Brooms area of Wester Ross. This is an area which has seen pressures for fish farm development but had no aquaculture framework plan in place. The project was managed with the help of an inter-agency steering group and included input from stakeholders, local community groups and public consultation.

The project also involved a small comparative study of coastal planning in Norway.

Find out more about this project by reading papers on key issues and analysis. Read about the final plans for the Two Brooms Area as well as an independent evaluation of the project.