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Unoccupied relief

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Empty property relief 

50 per cent relief is applied for the first three months and thereafter 10 per cent relief will apply (unless exempt, for example, rateable value is less than £1700, listed building).

For industrial premises, there is a six month period of 100 per cent exemption followed by 10 per cent relief.

These exemptions are applied to the property and not to each indivdual applicant.

From 1 April 2020 the period  of occupation between 2 claims for unoccupied property  will increase from 6 weeks to 6 months.  In effect, for the purposes of calculating  empty property relief entitlement,  a property is treated as if it had been unoccupied during any period of occupation  that ended within six calendar  months of when it started.


Partly occupied property relief 

You are liable for the full non-domestic rate whether your property is occupied or only partly occupied. However, if a property becomes partly occupied for a short period of time due to a downturn in trade, we can award relief for the unoccupied part if qualifying criteria are met.