How we enforce trading standards laws

Our enforcement policy

The enforcement of trading standards laws is carried out in a variety of ways:

  • We visit trade premises including manufacturers, retailers and importers 
  • We make sure that weighing and measuring equipment is accurate and is used properly, goods are safe and correctly labelled, prices are displayed and descriptions used are true
  • We test and sample goods and services for safety, description and quantity
  • We carry out special projects and operations to deal with rogue traders and specific problem areas
  • We investigate alleged breaches of criminal legislation

We deal with general trading standards enforcement, which includes:

  • Prices
  • Trade descriptions
  • Weights and measures
  • Consumer product safety
  • Counterfeiting
  • Consumer credit

We also deal with a number of specific areas of enforcement, including:

  • The supply and servicing of motor vehicles
  • The supply and storage of petrol, diesel and other motor fuels on filling stations
  • The retail supply of bulk liquid fuel
  • The storage and supply of fireworks and other explosives
  • The retail sale of poisons
  • The regulation of licensed taxis and private hire cars
  • The supply of fertilisers and animal feeding stuffs