Winter road maintenance

Gritting priorities for roads

We have the longest road network of any council in Scotland and unfortunately it is not possible to treat every road at the same time. That's why we have a priority system to treat the areas in greatest need first.

Gritting route maps

Primary routes

  • Strategic, Regional, sub Regional and Link roads which serve the larger communities and permit the majority of road users to travel across the region.  Main and Local distributor roads in the larger settlements. High frequency service bus routes operating at least 6 days per week and starting prior to 7am with identified hazards.

Treated between 6am to 9pm Monday to Sunday and 7am to 9pm on public holidays

Secondary routes

  • Roads connecting smaller communities to the primary network
  • Link and service roads within the larger urban settlements
  • Service and school bus routes not covered by the primary network.

Treated between 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday. A weekend service will be provided between 6am and 6pm on strategic secondary routes as resources permit.

Other routes

  • Minor rural and local access roads
  • Residential roads in urban settlements

These roads will be treated as resources permit