Road permit for Eigg, Muck and Knoydart

Small Isles Vehicle Permit Scheme

There is a Prohibition Order which restricts vehicular access to the Small Isles and Knoydart. This has been in place since 2003. This Order was driven and is supported by the Small Isles and Knoydart Communities who wish to maintain their tranquil lifestyle as well as protecting the fragile road infrastructure. 

Types of permits:

  • Residents, that is ordinarily resident for 8 months of the year
  • Temporary permits for registered contractors to take a vehicle which is being used to convey essential heavy equipment which cannot be transported without the use of a vehicle
  • Provision for registered disabled persons' vehicles

Permits are no longer available or processed at Service Points. You can get them from the Community Services Office at Carr's Corner, Fort William.

Please allow for 7 working days to make an application before your planned trip. It is possible for us to post permits out, but we can't guarantee that it will be delivered on time if you haven't given enough notice.

You can obtain your permit:

If you have questions regarding your permit, please call our Service Centre on 01349 886601 in the first instance.

Permits must be displayed on the vehicle.

Small Isles Residents Permit Application