Highland Roads Recovery


Work on repairing Highland Council maintained roads is underway.

As lockdown restrictions have eased and Spring temperatures increase, Highland Council teams across the region are parking up snowploughs and gritters and switching their duties to road surfacing, patching, lining, edging and verging of prioritised projects.

The Council has invested an extra £20 million capital and £1.3 million revenue on road maintenance, reflecting the importance placed on improving Highland roads.

It has the longest local road network of any council in Scotland and is responsible for nearly 7,000km roads; 1,700km footways, 2,180 bridges and culverts and 100 car parks.

The Council will be highlighting some of its roads maintenance works that have recently been completed and these will be featured on this webpage and social media with the hashtag #HighlandRoadsRecovery.

You can report damage to Highland Council-maintained roads and pavements (including potholes).

Follow the positive progress being made on #HighlandRoadsRecovery @HighlandCouncil and on Facebook.

Staffin Road in Skye, car travelling along road.