Funerals, graves and cremations

Burials and cremations

Registering a Death

A death in Scotland must be registered within 8 days at any registration office in Scotland.

Registration offices

Arranging a funeral

Usually funeral arrangements are made by a funeral director.

If a funeral director is not being used, you can visit our contact us page for further contact advice.

advice for dealing with funeral costs

management rules for burial grounds


Arranging a burial

Before a burial (interment) can take place, a grave/burial plot (lair) must be owned.

These can usually be for one person, or for two people. Some burial grounds can provide burial plots for three people.

Cremated remains (ashes)

Cremated remains can also be buried, either in full-size plots or in specific cremated-remains plots. Accessing cremation specific plots is dependent on availability.


We do not provide headstones. You will need to contact a registered and accredited stonemason to arrange this. You may also need to pay us for the foundation and excavation for a headstone.

You must have our permission to install a headstone.

Burial charges

Arranging a cremation

If you are not using a funeral director, you will need to fill out the relevant cremation application form, and either:

If you have any queries, phone 01463 644450.

If using a Funeral Director, they should complete these forms for you.

Further advice and guidance on cremation

Cremation applications

Cremation charges

Memorial Options

Infant cremation - code of practice

Organisations which offer support include: