Funerals, graves and cremations

Buying a burial plot

You can buy a burial plot (lair) in advance within a number of our burial grounds. Although you may choose where the plot is, certain parts of the burial ground may not yet be available and plots must be sold in a structured way. You can do this directly, or as part of making funeral arrangements with a Funeral Director.

Charges and advice on burials and cremations

For more information and to contact us, please visit our contact page.

We have 268 burial grounds throughout the Highlands and one crematorium in Inverness. When you have bought a burial plot, you are the registered certificate holder and you have the rights of the plot concerned. This right can be sold or transferred to another person but only through formal registered transfer as approved by us.

Putting up a memorial stone

You can put up a memorial stone on a grave and with prior approval.