Funerals, graves and cremations

Inverness crematorium

Our crematorium opened in 1995 and is situated on the western outskirts of the city centre. The setting is tranquil, rural and respectful.

Opening hours

We close at 5pm during the week and at 4pm on public holidays and at the weekend.

Inverness Crematorium Map


We have a large chapel which is suitable for large groups and for small family funerals. They offer serenity and privacy during the services.

Garden of remembrance

The ashes may be returned to the earth in one of the gardens or you may take them for your own private arrangements.

Book of remembrance

This is a lasting record and memorial and is in a separate tower chapel which offers the opportunity for quiet reflection. The book is handmade and bound with leather with beautifully crafted memorial inscriptions. Each day of the year has a separate page and the book is opened daily at the appropriate page to display the entries on each anniversary. You may ask to see previous entries.


As well as the book of remembrance, we can offer commemorative roses, shrubs and trees. These can have a bronze plaque placed in front with your chosen inscription.


You are welcome to play music for the service if you wish or the organ can be played in the main Chapel.

Services at the crematorium

A full religious service may be conducted at the crematorium. Alternatively, a service may take place in any separate place of worship followed by a brief committal ceremony at the crematorium. You can also have a secular services at the crematorium or no ceremony at all.

burial and cremation charges

Management Rules for Crematorium