Our budget

Public toilets

Public toilets in Highland

In Highland there are:

  •  96 public toilets
  •  28 comfort schemes 
  •  29 of the 96 public toilets are under review

Budget proposals

Savings Proposals for public toilets, were agreed at Council on 15 February 2018. The following actions were agreed:

  • Review of current provision, including some rationalisation of 29 existing facilities in consultation with Members at Ward Business Meetings. Savings: £0.338m
  • Introducing a charge of 50p per visit at 10 high use facilities and Increasing charges at existing payable facilities to 50p – Savings required: £0.336M
  • Reviewing the payment structure for premises operating the Highland Comfort Scheme, and reducing the highest level of payment from £500 per month to £100 - £300 per month – Savings required: £0.030

Members have asked for a review of the rationalisation programme and this will be completed by 31 October 2018.  Until the review has been completed, none of the 29 toilets under review will close. Discussions are ongoing with communities to identify where there is alternative provision nearby

Highland Comfort Schemes

Currently 28 providers have signed up to the new 2 year Comfort Scheme agreement at the amended rates and discussion is ongoing with further providers. Further information on the Highland Comfort Scheme is available with a map of all PC facilities Find out how to apply to participate in the Comfort Scheme

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