Common Good Funds

Publicity guidelines

These guidelines define the correct use of the Common Good Fund logos. The instructions and guidance contained below apply to all organisations or individuals in receipt of Common Good Funding and also to external suppliers such as printers, publishers, signmakers, engravers etc.

The guidelines specify the way the logos should be used in a wide variety of publicity situations, ranging from stationery, publications, leaflets, brochures and websites to press releases and signage. It is most important that all concerned follow these guidelines to the letter and, if ever in doubt, seek guidance from your  Ward Manager on the correct application for any situation.

Acknowledging Common Good Funding

It is a condition of the grant that Common Good Funding be clearly acknowledged in all publicity material associated with your project, either by using the Common Good Fund logo or by reference to the Common Good Fund in associated printed text.


As a minimum, you should acknowledge Common Good Fund support by use of the following phrase in publicity material: “This project has been supported by the (insert name of area) Common Good Fund”.


Where possible, in addition to the wording above, Common Good Fund logos should also be incorporated into publicity material. Where other agency logos are used, the Common Good Fund logo should be at least the same size and proportion.

Use of logos and wording

Press releases or advertorials

Press releases or advertorials should incorporate the form of wording as described above and the involvement of the Common Good Fund should be clearly stated.

Promotional material

Promotional material should incorporate the form of wording, together with the logo, as described above. Examples of promotional materials include adverts, leaflets, programmes, brochures, posters, newsletters and web sites.

Signs and plaques

Signs and plaques should incorporate the form of wording, together with the logo, as described above. Where appropriate, during any construction phase a temporary site sign must be displayed indicating the support of the Common Good Fund. On completion of the project, a permanent plaque must be displayed in a prominent place acknowledging the Common Good Fund’s contribution, where appropriate.

Events and representation at events

Where possible, support from the Common Good Fund should be acknowledged with a sign, clearly displaying the Common Good Fund logo. Invitations to guests should make it clear that the project has been supported by the Common Good Fund, either by means of the appropriate logo or a reference in the text. Appropriate Highland Council representatives should be invited to participate at public occasions marking openings, launches, and other events. Please contact your Ward Manager for advice on who to invite.

Use of Gaelic

It is our policy to encourage the development of the Gaelic language and culture. Gaelic should be used where it is appropriate in press releases, promotional materials at public events, and in permanent signing where Inverness Common Good Funding is received.

Design rules for Common Good Fund logos

  • The Common Good Fund logo is to be reproduced in single colour against a white background, in black
  • The logo should not be fragmented or modified under any circumstances
  • All elements of the logo – all lettering and the solid line outlining the top box the logo – make up the entire design of the logo and must always be used together
  • The English and Gaelic should always be used together and must not be used independently 
  • Individual elements of the logo design must never be omitted  
  • The logo should never be reproduced vertically or at an angle  
  • The logo must never be distorted – any reduction or enlargement should be equal so that the logo reproduces in proportion, for example,  when re-sizing never squash or stretch the logo
  • The lettering is part of the logo design and the fonts must not be changed in any way 
  • The logo should never appear against a conflicting or busy background and should be kept clear of other graphic elements 
  • Additional text must not be added to the logo, such as services, operational areas or council wards  
  • To ensure the quality of image reproduction, the logo must never be reproduced or scanned from previously printed material
  • In order to ensure legibility, the logo should not be reproduced at less than 30mm width

Copies of the Common Good Fund logos

Download logos

If you require any assistance with these logos please contact our Public Relations office below.

Further information

The strength of the Common Good Fund identity depends largely upon the consistency of application. Your help in ensuring this is both vital and appreciated. If you have any queries about the application of Common Good Fund logos please contact your Ward Manager.