Private landlords

Registration of private landlords

Increase in fees

Landlord registration fees will be increasing in early June 2019, subject to Parliamentary approval. The new fees will be published on the Landlord Registration System  once approved by Parliament. In the meantime landlords can register and renew registrations at the existing fee level by renewing in early June

Anyone who owns residential property in Scotland which is let must apply to register with the local authority for the area where the property is located, unless covered by one of the exemptions.

Landlord Registration Exemptions

Guidance for landlords

Joint Owners

Where there is more than one owner of a property, you nominate one as the lead landlord and they are responsible for paying the application fees. Joint owners do not pay fees unless they are also the lead owner of a separate property or if they are subject to a late application fee.  Each owner will have their own unique registration.


If an agent manages a property on behalf of the landlord, that agent must also be registered. Where the agent has not applied for registration, the landlord will submit the application and pay the fee.


The fees for registration are £55 principal fee for the lead landlord and agent plus £11 per let property. The late application fee, if applied, is an additional £110.

If you are unsure how much you should pay, please use our fee calculator.

Fee calculator

If a valid application has not been submitted after two requests from the local authority a late application fee of £110, in addition to the registration fees, will be applied to each applicant. Failure to apply after this point will result in us serving a rent penalty notice which means that no rent shall be payable until a valid application has been submitted and the notice has been revoked. If a valid application has still not been submitted, the ultimate sanction is a report to the Procurator Fiscal, a criminal conviction and a maximum fine of £50,000.

Applications may be made online using the link below or by downloading and submitting an application form to the local authority with the appropriate fee.


Print an application form

If applicants are found to be not fit and proper then a report will be submitted to the Highland Licensing Committee for a hearing to determine whether the applicant should be entered in or removed from the register. 

Change of circumstances

You must ensure that your registration details are kept up to date either by amending them online or by notifying us in writing or by email using our contact details below. Failure to do so is an offence under the Act.

It is our legal obligation to maintain the register and to provide advice and assistance relevant to the registration scheme. It is not our responsibility to make sure the landlord's registration details are up to date.

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